Hans Karssenberg


Hans is a partner at STIPO and works as a senior project manager, area developer, public developer, placemaker and trainer. At the age of 6, Hans was “kidnapped” by his parents from the city to a ‘suburb’. Since then he has had a desire to return to the city. Hans returned to Amsterdam and graduated as a planner from the UvA in 1993 and lives with his family in the Northern part of Amsterdam. In 1995 Hans and Geer Koopmans started STIPO as an independent agency. Club Rhijnhuizen is an example of a project where all his passions come together: cooperative working, co-creation, placemaking, social and economic innovation and complex and sustainable area development and area transformation.

My work:
Merwede Quality Team
Integral Renewal of the Kolenkitbuurt 
Co-making the City of Delft
● Club Rhijnhuizen Nieuwegein