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Merwede Quality Team

The Municipality of Utrecht has the ambition to transform the Merwedekanaalzone in Utrecht into an attractive and lively urban area with a high density, which is well connected to surrounding areas. This includes a good quality city at eye level. In order to fulfill this ambition, the development plans of developers and the municipality must first go through a Quality Team. This team assesses the designs according to a framework, based on spatial and architectural plans. STIPO has been asked to also  judge the plans on the basis of a good city at eye level, human scale and social cohesion. Hans Karssenberg, partner at STIPO, has therefore been a member of the Quality Team since 2020 together with Robert Winkel, Martine van Vliet, Marlies de Nijs, Atto Harstra en Caro van de Ven.

The Quality Team is appointed by the Merwede Owners’ Collective, which consists of landowners: Gemeente Utrecht, AM/Synchroon, Ramphastos, Jansen-De Jong, BPD, VVE-Merwede/Lingotto, G&S/Boelens de Gruyter/Round Hill Capital. The urban spatial vision and plan was developed by Marco Broekman.