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Co-making the City Delft

The Municipality of Delft has described its wishes for the future of Delft in the Environmental Vision and the Agenda 2040. Since the summer of 2021, STIPO has been advising the municipality on making the translation from these vision documents to a practical city program. We do this by guiding municipal employees in a new way of working. A working method based on co-making the city together with Delftenaren.

The city program offers the municipality tools to choose from a multitude of projects and initiatives. The city program makes it possible to see which projects and initiatives contribute to the desired future of Delft and which do not. We work together with the municipality to facilitate what we call ‘Good Growth’. Which entails that densification with housing in itself is not the main goal, but we combine it with (social) facilities, good public space, (affordable) space for work, a city of short distances and the needs of the surrounding neighbourhoods. This is summarized in the Compass for Good Growth.