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Become a public developer, placemaker or urban innovator!

Trainingen, coaching and workshops. All our training courses and workshops have been carefully put together

Since 2015, we’ve organized more than 120 trainings worldwide, reaching over 4000 people. Besides our yearly training in Amsterdam, we’ve hosted many in-house trainings for governments, real-estate developers, universities and NGO’S, lasting  from half a day to three days.

STIPO training is characterized by the following traits: experience-oriented, personal, committed and light-hearted. Our training, coaching and workshops are designed by experts and are continuously updated to be relevant. During our training, we bring together people from various worlds, such as policy with practice, government with business, and the social environment with the system world. 

Each year we organize the City at Eye Level training in English and its Dutch equivalent (Stad op Ooghoogte). These can be combined with coaching on the job. Additionally, we offer tailor-made training on various subjects of city-making, such as ‘making cities together’ or ‘how to make strategic use of social real estate’.


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City at Eye Level - three day training, international group

In the City at Eye Level training you discover how you can improve streets and other public spaces to create vibrant and active places where people want to be. During the training, you learn how to analyse places and how to develop strategies for city-making with the City at Eye Level-toolbox..

In 2025 we’ll host the next training on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of June, applications will be open to anyone.  As soon as we know where it will be and what we’ll discuss, we will give an announcement here.

In the mean time, you can download our brochure for more information!

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Tailor-made lectures

We give lectures at various universities, and contribute to education programs for professionals, such as the Neprom or the ASRE. For more information on education possibilities, please contact us at contact@stipo.nl

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“I have learned a lot! I loved the different international perspectives of the group, but also the variety of cases. The learning by doing approach gives an activating perspective.”

- Deelnemer van de City at Eye Level Spring Training