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Team for better cities.

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STIPO offers an open window to a better city.

STIPO works as a public developer and contractor on better cities and more beautiful regions. We are a multidisciplinary urban development team, driven by sustainable quality and human scale.

Our projects

City and area visions

How do you create a vision in which different ambitions and objectives in cities or areas come together in an integrated and sustainable way?


Re-activating public space, from unpleasant and uninviting places to attractive and lively streets and bustling squares.

From participation to co-creation

Sustainable urban development by involving all stakeholders in participation and co-making the city together.

Public space

Quality public space is the backbone of a sustainable city.

Redevelopment of areas and buildings

Transforming vacant buildings into living and working hubs, and unattractive public spaces into lively neighbourhoods and streets.

Placemaking in area development

Investing in neighbourhoods and areas by placemaking together with current and future users.

City makers and creatives

City makers and creatives are the driving force behind a city and are instrumental in working on creating attractive neighbourhoods and cities.

Cooperative area development

Working on sustainable area development by joining forces in co-creation with all parties in an area.

Inclusive cities

Places, neighbourhoods and cities where everyone can feel at home.

Climate change adaptation and sustainability

Future-proof cities and neighbourhoods can only be created by way of a climate-adaptive and sustainable approach.

The city at eye level

Buildings with dynamic facades and attractive streets and squares focussed on the human aspect.


Designing and programming public spaces by also integrating children's ideas and needs.

Latest news

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