Merijn van de Reep

Citymaker & advisor

Merijn has been a senior advisor since 2022. He has worked for the Municipality of Amsterdam for 7 years in area development, urban renewal, neighborhood approach and working area-oriented. He works with stakeholders on developing places and areas. In his work at Stipo he combines his experience at the municipality with his training in social work and his background in theatre. Merijn is therefore able to work on multiple aspects of a development: spatial, social, cultural and economic. He is strongly inspired by the documentary White Cube by Renzo Martens. This is an example of how you can use art to initiate spatial development, in which the money flows go to the residents, who then use it to develop a piece of land sustainably. Merijn spends his free time with his family, friends and a guitar.

My work:
Co-making the City of Delft
Placemaking Sixhaven