Giulia Sicignano

Young entrepreneur

Giulia is originally based in Milan as an architect and urban planner. She has always had a passion for themes such as collective life, mobility and discovering different ways space is experienced and used. It soon became clear that she wanted to focus on understanding and designing public spaces. She has been working for AMAT for almost three years as an advisor to the Municipality of Milan. AMAT is an agency that specializes in topics such as mobility, design and climate in urban developments. Here she works with her team to design and coordinate urban development and renewal with the aim of promoting street life through its focus on the human dimension. She found her way to STIPO through the 'Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs' programme. As a young entrepreneur, she will delve into the different facets of STIPO and participate in various ongoing projects and contribute to the creation of good places with a vibrant social life through placemaking!