Urban Programming Zoetermeer City Centre

STIPO has been working with Springco Urban Analytics since April 2022 on a great assignment for the Municipality of Zoetermeer.

The municipality is striving for a lively and attractive city centre, while the ambition is also to build an additional 2000 homes before 2040. Creating that attractive city center is a challenging task for a New Town such as Zoetermeer, with an elevated shopping center as right in the heart of its city centre.

Based on housing demands of the various lifestyles in the Zoetermeer area, Springco analyzes which types of housing should be developed for which target group. STIPO then considers which amenities should be included in order to realize a liveable, but above all, attractive and vibrant city centre. This includes designating spaces for social facilities and for the local economy, but also the design of public space. Springco and STIPO work closely together in this process together with a team from the Municipality of Zoetermeer. The project is completed in July 2022 when a final report will be presented to the municipality.