Method for integral approach to the neighborhood – Amersfoort

What’s in between spatial city strategy visions, energy transition transitions plans, densification projects, climate adaptation questions, social programs and small scale neighborhood projects? How do all these levels of intervention and project planning interact with each other? How do we prevent citizens from being overwhelmed by all the different participation processes? And rightfully ask the city government: “before we discuss energy transition or densification in our neighborhood, can we first talk about traffic safety, jobs, dirty park areas and shortage of playgrounds? And also, why does this need to take place in our neighborhood orhood, what about other areas?

The city of Amersfoort has asked STIPO to develop a method and instruments to facilitate a better and more integral conversation between both civil servants and political council stimulating and organising decision making, planning and collaboration. But which most of all organises a different conversation in the neighborhood with citizens and entrepreneurs. What do they think is important for their neighborhood? What options do they see for the important topics of the future? How do we collective organise for added value for the neighborhood?

We design the method and instruments, while working in the neighborhood, together with citizens, entrepreneurs, policy makers and the civil society.