Green Ribbon Overvecht

Since 2018, the Municipality of Utrecht has been committed to being a healthy city. In the Overvecht district, The Green Ribbon project was appointed as part of the Together for Overvecht programme. The Green Ribbon, a route of 4.6 kilometers long, requires high-quality public spaces that stimulate people to go outside, to move and to meet. STIPO was asked to uncover and gather the local needs and wishes of Overvechters. We tried to organise participation activities together with existing local networks and neighbourhood initiatives.

The project started in the middle of the first Corona lockdown. Our Corona-proof approach consisted of craft packages with posters of the route, designing an online route via Minecraft and having online conversations with small groups of involved residents. In the summer of 2020 we also went into the neighborhood with a Groene Lint camper, we took walks and we organized co-creation workshops with residents. All those participation moments yielded a lot of information that we have incorporated into a design program and the realization of quick wins. We also appointed two placemakers, The Social Collective and All One. For example, we created a design for Het Groene Lint for and with the neighbourhood.

STIPO is no longer directly involved, but the realization of the design and the first quick wins are in full swing.

Click here for the latest updates on the Green Ribbon.

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