Environment and Planning Act Heusden

The Environment and Planning Act is expected to be enforced in 2023. In preparation for this, the Municipality of Heusden wanted to develop a flexible vision that provides direction for important municipal issues for the next 20 years. STIPO set out to create a supported environmental vision, which combines social, economic and spatial issues. We had the strong ambition not to make a flat document, but a lively document that does justice to the unique centers and villages in and around Heusden. The Environmental Vision must leave enough room for residents and entrepreneurs in the municipality and challenge them to start working according to the ambitions of the environmental vision. We knew we would only be successful when we would work with and not just for the entrepreneurs and residents in the various centers and villages that together form the municipality. Together with the residents of Heusden, STIPO built a vision that goes further than just spatial planning, but also gives attention to the social, societal and economic facets of life in Heusden in the future.