Environment and Planning Act Heusden

In 2022 the new Environment and Planning Act (Omgevingswet) is expected be set in motion through the Netherlands. In that light, the municipality of Heusden wishes to look forward and develop a directing vision that is flexible yet provides guidance for the coming 20 years, with regards to important social, economic and spatial issues. The municipality has asked Stipo to develop a shared vision. There is a strong desire not to formulate a strict document, but rather a lively vision that does right to the unique towns and villages in and around Heusden. The vision should give the residents and entrepreneurs enough space to give substance to the ambitions that will be defined in the vision. The vision must give residents and entrepreneurs in the municipality sufficient room for their own interpretation and ambitions of the vision. This can only be achieved when the vision is developed together with and not for the residents and other stakeholders. The coming months Stipo and the residents of Heusden will build a vision that goes beyond spatial planning, one that incorporates the social, public and economic values that constitute the future Heusden.