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Oct 03 - Nov 15 2017

Open Call for Contributions – Submit your Chapter Proposal!

We are really proud of the collective work from so many partners that led to the previous editions of The City at Eye Level books. We have and still do receive many great reactions from all over the world.

Through this special edition we seek to complement our previous work with what our partners have mentioned as an important yet neglected aspect: The City at Eye Level for Kids. Therefore, we invite new chapters, presenting either a framework or approach and/or a case study from your experience.

The collection of new chapters and stories will be shared through our online platform, The City at Eye Level, and a special edition of the book focused on Kids. The lessons learned from your content and experiences will inform and advance the City at Eye Level for Kids methodology.

Whilst building on the existing body of knowledge and gained experiences of The City at Eye Level, this special edition is meant to expand the understanding of the children’s perspectives. We are inspired and guided by the following question: how would our neighborhoods and public spaces be if they were planned and built from a child’s perspective? Our aim is to highlight the elements, practices and management approaches that enhance the child-friendliness of the public space and a neighbourhood in respect of health, safety, and accessibility, while creating a socially and culturally interactive and stimulating environment for children and their parents. We do not seek to refer only to “formal” children’s places, such as parks and playgrounds, but also to the sidewalks, squares, hybrid zones, the street, the plinth and of course the neighbourhood as a whole. Furthermore, we also seek to highlight the processes that enhance children’s inclusion and participation in the creation and management of open and public spaces.

Our editorial team approaches the theme from three perspectives and three levels central to The City at Eye Level. The perspectives are: the software, the hardware and the orgware of a public realm; respectively reflecting the use, the design and the organisation of the public realm. Furthermore, three levels in the city scape are recognized: the level of the building, the street or the context. Our invitation is open to chapters and case studies that reflect either, both or all three perspectives and levels.

You can read more about the City at Eye Level approach by downloading the book for free from here:  https://thecityateyelevel.com/share-knowledge/get-the-book/

Contact information:
Vivian Doumpa // vivian.doumpa@stipo.nl

The pilot phase of The City at Eye Level for Kids is developed with the support of the Urban95 Challenge program by the Bernard van Leer Foundation.

*Deadline: 15 November 2017