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Daan Geldhof


Daan is currently in his third year at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam, immersing himself in the fascinating realm of urban planning within the built environment. His academic journey initially unfolded in the realm of interior design, a field that introduced him to the intricate dance between form and function. However, it was in urban design where he discovered his true passion.

Embarking his internship at STIPO, Daan is excited to explore the intricate tapestry of social dynamics within urban planning and engage with the city at eye level. This opportunity allows him to bridge his academic foundation with real-world experiences, unraveling the layers of complexity that make cities vibrant and interconnected.

Armed with strong interpersonal and communication skills, he navigates the urban landscape with precision, utilizing Adobe programs like Illustrator to give shape to his ideas. His internship serves as a strategic platform to not only apply his existing skills but also to cultivate a deeper understanding of the social fabric that weaves through city planning.

Beyond academia, his interests extend to the art of exploration. Daan finds solace in walking, uncovering hidden gems in new places, spending time with friends, and expressing his creativity through DJing

His goal is not only to contribute effectively to the team at STIPO but also to delve into the various dimensions of city planning on different levels. He is eager to absorb knowledge, embrace challenges, and contribute to the shaping of cities that reflect the intricate interplay between design, society, and culture.

He is looking forward to the enriching experiences and collaborative opportunities that this internship promises, as he continues his journey into the heart of urban planning.