Sander van der Ham

Urban psychologist & advisor

Sander is an urban psychologist and works as an associate at STIPO. He is a project leader in participation and co-creation projects. Already while studying clinical psychology at the University of Amsterdam (2009), he got a side job at STIPO, after which he developed his own expertise shortly afterwards. He is looking for the interaction between city and people. With observations, experiments and in-depth interviews he exposes behavior, thoughts and feelings, with which he tries to discover unconscious processes that determine the personal experience and use of a city or environment. In addition to various research projects, he has, together with various authors, written "Manual for Contemporary Courtyards" and "The Stoop". In his spare time he likes to bake, in his work he ensures that all of Holland bakes bread together. Together with Peik Suyling he developed Bakkerij de simplicity. In the mobile bakery with wood oven in a canteen he brings people together around all kinds of themes.