The place as client

Who is STIPO?

STIPO offers an open window to a better city. We’re a multidisciplinary urban development team, driven by sustainable quality and the human scale. We work on areas where users feel at home, not only today but also in five, ten or fifty years’ time. That’s how we define sustainability. 

We learn from areas that have functioned well for decades, and that’s reflected in our approach. It’s an approach where we immerse ourselves in the soul of a place to drive the process of revitalisation. We work on the human scale and quality of public space. We work on mixed areas, always adaptable to the wishes of the times. We invest in long-term quality for long-lasting cities. We promote co-ownership of their surroundings by users.

Our work is open source so we can inform and inspire others. Conversely, others also have knowledge and experience and can share this with us. Our work is therefore not covered by copyright but by the Creative Commons Licence CC BY-SA 3.0. This licence means you’re free to share and edit our work subject to the terms and conditions of the Attribution-Share Alike licence.


Curious about what we do?

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Most recent projects of which we are proud

  1. Neighbourhood development: Kolenkitbuurt in Amsterdam and the Green Ribbon in Overvecht
  2. Area transformation: Amstel III in Amsterdam, Merwede in Utrecht, Rotterdam Central District in Rotterdam, De Hoef in Amersfoort, Schieoevers in Delft, Rivium in Capelle aan den IJssel and Apeldoorn
  3. Energy transition: in Arnhem and Hilversum
  4. Incubators: in Almere and the metropolitan area of Amsterdam
  5. Placemaking: in Deventer, Bernisse, Schouwburgplein and ZOHO in Rotterdam
  6. Area cooperation: Club Rhijnhuizen in Nieuwegein
  7. Neighbourhood economy: Transformation in Rotterdam Noord
  8. Climate: Buurtklimaatje in Rotterdam and Climate Adaptation in Nieuwegein
  9. New housing concepts: Rooftop Villages in Rotterdam and Tiny Houses in Nieuwegein
  10. City center approach: Arnhem, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Amsterdam
  11. Spring Training: our annual City at Eye Level and Placemaking training events