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Meet our new interns!

Every six months we welcome a new batch of interns. Not only did three inters start their STIPO internship this September. For the first time ever, we also welcome a young entrepreneur through the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program. We like to introduce you to Giulia, Mairéad, Olga en Salman! Visit our Teams page, visit their Linkedin page or send them an email if you want to get to know them better.

“Ciao! My name is Giulia Sicignano (top left) and I’m an architect and urban planner based in Milan. I have a passion for themes such as collective life, mobility and discovering different ways space is experienced and used.  It soon became clear that I wanted to focus on understanding and designing public spaces. I have been working for AMAT for almost three years as an advisor to the Municipality of Milan.
AMAT is an agency that specializes in topics such as mobility, design and climate in urban developments. Here I work with my team to design and coordinate urban development and renewal with the aim of promoting street life through its focus on the human dimension.
I found my way to STIPO through the ‘Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs’ programme. As a young entrepreneur, I will delve into the different facets of STIPO and participate in various ongoing projects and contribute to the creation of good places with a vibrant social life through placemaking!

“Haigh! My name is Mairéad Doyle (top right) and I’m originally from Ireland, but I have been living in the Netherlands for several years now. I studied at Leiden University College after which I started the Master Urban Geography at the University of Amsterdam. During my internship at STIPO I will mainly be involved in coordinating and assisting with various tasks for Placemaking Europe. In addition, I’m very excited to be able to participate in several projects in order to get to know different sides of STIPO.”

“Cześć, my name is Olga Sowa (bottom left) and I’m originally from Poland, but I have been living in the Netherlands for several years now. I completed a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Urban Planning in Warsaw. After that, I decided to move to the Netherlands to follow a master’s degree in Human Geography at Utrecht University. In my professional life I have always been concerned with public space and social interaction. This is what eventually brought me to STIPO. During my internship I will be part of the Placemaking Europe team. I also hope that I can continue to focus on my interest in (urban) nature and well-being.”

“Hoi, I’m Salman Guldemond (bottom right), and I’m a born and raised Amsterdammer. I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences from University College Utrecht with a focus on anthropology, human geography and history. I’m currently doing a master’s degree in Sociology of International Development at Wageningen University. During my internship, I would like to discover all the different sides of STIPO. I will therefore be working on various projects, such as the Kolenkitbuurt in Amsterdam-West, the development of the Gulden Winckel, Place-led Development and the Stadmakersfonds.”