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Meet our new interns

Every six months we welcome a new batch of interns. We hereby welcome Edoardo, Pim and Jay! Visit our Teams page and visit their Linkedin page or send them a nice email if you want to get to know them better.

“Ciao, I’m Edoardo Scalese (top left) from Milan. I study Public Administration at Erasmus University and in my spare time I like climbing and strategy games. I am very interested in the social economy, in particular in the public value that certain projects can add to local communities. During my internship I will be responsible for communication for Placemaking Europe. With a background in economics, I would also like to learn more about how to make public spaces as inclusive and user-friendly as possible and learn from projects such as PlaceCities. ”

“Hi! My name is Pim van Limpt (top right) and I have been living in Rotterdam for a number of years now. My interest in urban processes was sparked during my exchange in Lisbon and the vibrant outdoor life in the city. With my background in urban sociology, my interest is mainly in how we can make our immediate living environment more pleasant, inclusive and sustainable. Within STIPO I am therefore enthusiastic to get started within the Placemaking Europe network, where I will help maintain the network, organize (online) events and develop tools for placemaking. ”

“Hi, my name is Jay Groenstege (bottom left) and I live in The Hague. I study Communication at the Hogeschool Rotterdam. In my spare time I like to go snowboarding, an ideal hobby for the Netherlands haha. During Corona I like to open Google Maps to dream of city trips. During my internship at STIPO, in addition to the normal STIPO communication flow, I will be busy with my graduation research on area branding in a transformation assignment, with the KW-Haven in Vlaardingen as a case study. ”