Rhijnhuizen Nieuwegein

Transformation area with a history

Rijnhuizen has beautiful nature, water for sailing and fishing, a fort with a park and a castle with a castle garden. It is also an 80 acre office area in with 100 owners in transformation. The pearls are hidden. There is plenty of interest in living so centrally in the Netherlands. It’s time to make Rijnhuizen a beautiful and recognisable residential, working and living area. Time for transformation. The network in which this is happening is Club Rhijnhuizen.



The club members are working together on quality and identity. Rijnhuizen is an area with ​​100 owners, which is being developed organically in phases. Every new development and every initiative, small and large, contributes to the identity and reinforces the area’s qualities if parties work together effectively.


City Making Together

Club Rhijnhuizen is the platform for everyone who lives, works, takes initiative, owns property and develops in Rijnhuizen. We work together on Rijnhuizen’s recognisability and to improve the quality of the area through joint events, new facilities, employee and resident activities, owner and company services, sustainability, joint area marketing, placemaking and quality of public space. Really making a city together!



Club Rhijnhuizen is the network that allows residents, employees and businesses to feel more at home, new entrepreneurs and initiators to get to know the area, welcomes new residents to a warm environment and helps owners and developers to work together for a qualitative transformation.



The Club has an independent business case based on a percentage of project developers’ contributions to the area and owners’ and users’ membership. An area cooperation has been established for this. The Club has four core tasks.

  1. To increase the quality and sustainability of the area
  2. Placemaking, from space to place, placemaking coalitions, competitions and events
  3. Matchmaking, market-government-society
  4. Promoting the area, sharing information and improving the image.



The Club was established in 2016 by Emilie Vlieger and Hans Karssenberg. The change has begun in the area with the first housing, demolition-new construction and transformation. We are working together on energy savings. We have created a quality framework and set out clear financial rules of play for development. We organise Club Days, NL Doet, Rhijnhuizen RUN, Monumentendag and other events. We hold competitions for temporary use and we are gradually transforming the closed Fort Jutphaas into a public park area. We started the first Club Evening with 10 people, now we have 300 participants on the list and almost every week we give a new project developer or initiator a guided tour of the area. The percentage of vacant buildings has dropped from 40% to 30%. Rijnhuizen is the Ministry’s national pilot project and is bursting with energy.