MIRT research stimulates urban living in the Southern Randstad

The State, the Province of Zuid-Holland, municipalities, regions, market parties and civil society organisations are working together to strengthen the existing city in the Southern Randstad. At the request of the province of Zuid-Holland and the Ministry of the Interior, Jeroen Laven, as interim project manager, together with Dino van Dal of Ministry of the Interior, gave form to the contribution from the Southern Randstad to the MIRT project.


A coalition of around 150 local authorities, market parties and civil society organisations was formed to illustrate how urban living in the Southern Randstad could be strengthened. Restrictions in the area of ​​regulation, mode of work and financing were defined, as well as the co-investment appetite of parties. Among the partners were parties such as IVBN, Bouwend Nederland, corporations, sustainability parties and (inter)national knowledge institutes.


Two of the spearheads in the process were the development of innovative financial mechanisms and the revitalisation of out-dated existing urban areas. Stad2 revealed the first options, such as the WijkInvesteringsZones instrument. Hans Karssenberg of Stipo had the lead in the revitalising options focusing, for example, on the role of the public developer and methods of value creation.


The MIRT project has led to a joint agenda with the State and to vital coalitions that continue to strengthen existing cities in the Southern Randstad. Dino van Dal (Min of the Interior) and Annemarie Hatzman (Province of Zuid Holland) supervised the project further.

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