Bakery de Eenvoud

A blue wagon, a plume of smoke from the chimney and the delicious scent of freshly baked bread. That is Bakery de Eenvoud (simplicity) belonging to social designer Peik Suyling. For several years now Stipo has worked with Bakery de Eenvoud to collect stories in neighbourhoods and to talk about difficult topics.


Simplicity as the basis

The bakery was established on the initiative of Peik Suyling at the start of the crisis. In a time when less was possible and many difficult (and not always understandable) choices had to be made, there was a strong need for a place where it was possible to seek simplicity in events and processes. The bakery was born from this idea: a mobile meeting place, where everyone is invited to seek simplicity in complex subjects.


From feeling at home to caring for one another

The bakery was already established in several places in Amsterdam, as well as in the Hongerige Wolf (Groningen), Vlieland, Wijk aan Zee en Rotterdam. In all these places people were invited to help bake bread in the bakery. Obviously first the dough has to be kneaded. Then left to rise before being kneaded into rolls. After which the rolls can be baked in the clay oven. During the waiting, many conversations arise about feeling at home in the neighbourhood, care for each other, safety, organising things together and much more.


Link between formal and informal parties

The bakery is the link between issues of formal parties and the force of informal networks in neighbourhoods and villages. This might be about support for carers in the community, area development, depopulating areas, etc. There is also room for formal parties in the bakery. Its force indeed lies in this link between formal and informal.


Contributing to permanent change in the neighbourhoods

The bakery is always in a public place so that everyone is free to walk in. It helps to talk to and invite people on the street. Bakery de Eenvoud aims to reach as diverse a public as possible and get everyone to talk to each other. From these new connections a foundation arises on which neighbourhood residents can continue to build on permanent change.


The Bakery’s annexes

One of the permanent changes that could arise is the arrival of an annex of Bakery de Eenvoud. For example in Vlieland there is a mobile oven that Staatsbosbeheer can place at all sorts of locations on the island. In Hongerige Wolf residents have built their own oven in a mobile shed. And in Amersfoort the centuries old oven in a courtyard is being restored to reinstate the tradition of baking bread for the neighbourhood.